Our Story

The Story of Lycaon Nutrition, Etched In Marble. The god, King Lycaon, First of his kind and ruler of all lycans, was the most mentally and physically fit god of his time. King Lycaon, also had unparalleled energy and could accomplish the most demanding of tasks without losing any of his drive or focus. He used his unhuman like focus for good and for evil. He played tricks on even the most powerful of gods, including Zeus. When he died his body was burned and his ashes were sealed in a magical vase and hidden in the most secret of caves. This cave was filled with all sorts of traps and puzzles. A few brave souls entered the cave and recovered the vase despite the unbeatable puzzles and gruesome traps. those ashes were later used to create what is now known as lycaon energy powders. giving people the same focus and power as king lycaon himself. Drink it and become a Lycan.

Note: Our powders actually don't contain King Lycaon's ashes or any other ashes. The entire story is fictional, but the benefits are real.