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Be a part of something great and join our amazing family of partners! We welcome anyone from Influencers, Streamers, to eSport or other organizations. Apply Below!


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In order to keep our partners more exclusive and tight knit, as well as having partners that are here because they love our product, we have updated our rules of applying. In order to be considered for a partnership with us, you must have purchased or have tried our product with proof of purchase. We want partners that actually believe in our products and can describe or show the product. We also provide all of our partners with the best one on one support you can't get with anyone else and to keep that, we need to make sure you're here to grow and stay with us. You can use code "SPONSOR" for 10% off.

Tier 1
Anyone can start with us at tier 1

Receive a 10% off code
Receive free products for hitting sales
Exclusive discounts on giveaway products
Exclusive affiliate only giveaways and updates

Tier 2
Streamer, Organization, or influencer with over 20,000 legitimate followers or a tier one partner who hits the 35 sales mark.

All tier one benefits
20% off code for staff purchases
Commissions on purchases
Your own shaker on our store
Free shakers every month
Featured on our website

Tier 3
Streamer, Organization, or influencer with over 100,000 legitimate followers or a tier 2 partner that hits the 100 sales goal.

 All previous tier benefits
Higher commissions
Your own flavor on our store
Free tubs every month






*Must Hit 1 sale every 45 days, or your code will be subject to removal. Tier 2 and 3 must be hit within one year of code being live. In order to keep Tier 2 and 3 you must hit 5 sales a month. This is so we keep it fair to those companies who are going above and beyond and so that we don't have an abundance of people, or in case an organization shutdowns. We want to make sure created products can be sold and not take up space and waste costs on inventory of items.

*Tier 2 and Tier 3 is very exclusive and will only be offered to the right partners. Just because you meet the criteria, doesn't mean you are guaranteed this tier. Partners that meet sales goals have first priority of higher tiers.

*All Tier 2 and 3 sponsors must be under contract. Subject to additional terms under individual contracts.